Top Benefits of Becoming a Canadian Citizen

Top Benefits of Becoming a Canadian Citizen _ There are numerous benefits to obtaining Canadian citizenship. When you become a Canadian citizen, you gain access to many benefits that other residents, including permanent residents, do not have.

These advantages can include access to all occupations in the nation, the opportunity to vote and participate in politics, and the freedom to travel everywhere in and out of Canada with a strong Canadian passport which has the biggest number of visa-free countries.

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Top Benefits of Becoming a Canadian Citizen | Top Advantages of Citizenship in Canada

If you are successful in becoming a Canadian citizen, you will be entitled to the following privileges

1. Increased Job Opportunities

As a Canadian citizen, you will be able to apply for more occupations, including unelected government jobs that need citizenship and other professions that require security clearances. You may not be able to apply for these opportunities if you are a permanent resident.

2. Right to Vote and Run for Political Office

After obtaining Canadian citizenship, you will be able to vote in both provincial and federal elections. By voting in elections, you will have a significant impact on both provincial and national politics.

Furthermore, as a Canadian citizen, you have the right to run for political office and represent your constituency on vital topics such as taxation, education, and economic policy.

3. With a Canadian passport, you can go anywhere.

If you have a Canadian passport, you can travel to several countries without a visa for certain allowed purposes, such as short-term trips.

Furthermore, Canada allows for dual citizenship, which implies that you can keep your home country’s citizenship while simultaneously obtaining Canadian citizenship.

However, this option is still not available to Indian nationals, but the Indian government may have intentions to implement it in the future.

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4. There is no danger of losing one’s status.

Unlike when you were a permanent resident after you become a citizen, you are no longer subject to any residence requirements. You will be allowed to stay outside of Canada for as long as you like with no immediate ramifications to your immigration status.

Furthermore, if you are convicted of a crime as a Canadian citizen, you will not lose your citizenship status easily, however as a permanent resident, you may risk deportation for some serious offenses.

5. There is no need to renew your citizenship on a regular basis.

If you have a Permanent Resident Card in Canada, you will notice that it is good for five years and must be renewed.

You must take this card with you while traveling internationally, and your employers and other government organizations may need you to display it as confirmation of your permanent resident status.

Every five years, as a permanent resident, you must renew or apply for Canada PR. You do not need to do this step after becoming a citizen because your Citizenship Certificate is valid for 10 years.

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