IELTS Exam Registration

IELTS Exam Registration_ We will cover everything from IELTS eligibility requirements to IELTS registration, IELTS exam dates 2022, and IELTS exam sample paper in this article.

We will also inform you about how to prepare for the various IELTS components, such as IELTS Listening, IELTS Reading, IELTS Writing, and IELTS Speaking.

IELTS is an English language exam that is required to be taken by international candidates considering studying or working in a country where English is the main language of communication.

The most popular countries where IELTS is accepted for university admissions are the UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada.

The exam mainly measures the ability of test-takers to communicate in the four basic English language skills – listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

IELTS exam is jointly owned and conducted by IDP Education Australia, and Cambridge English Language Assessment.

There is a computer-based IELTS and paper-based IELTS. Test-takers who opt for the IELTS computer-based test take the Listening, Writing, and Reading sections on a computer.

Whereas, the Speaking test is conducted face-to-face with a trained examiner. With the Computer-based IELTS, one gets more test dates to choose from and gets results in 3-5 days.

Test takers who opt to take IELTS on paper will take the Reading, Writing, and Listening sections on paper with either HB pencils or pen. Whereas, the Speaking test is conducted face-to-face with a professional IELTS examiner.

Table of Contents

  • Latest updates in IELTS
  • IELTS Exam Registration
  • IELTS Exam Fees
  • Why IELTS Exam is required?
  • IELTS Highlights
  • IELTS Eligibility
  • IELTS Exam Dates
  • IELTS Exam Pattern and Syllabus
  • How is IELTS Scored?
  • IELTS Result
  • Colleges Accepting IELTS
  • IELTS Preparation
  • IELTS Sample Papers

Latest updates in IELTS

IDP to administer IELTS Exam in India: IELTS Tests in India will be administered by IDP after it acquires 100% stakes from British Council recently. It is expected that the distribution of IELTS through IDP in India would simplify the process and improve customers’ experience.

The entire process of acquiring these stakes and final settlements would most probably wrap up by August 2021. IELTS IDP will offer a better testing experience to test-takers.

IELST Test Fee Update: IELTS exam fees are being revised to INR 14,700 for registrations from 11th-July-2021.

IELTS Exam Registration

Make sure to keep your passport handy at the time of registration as you need your passport number at the time of registration. Apart from this, you also need to carry your passport on the test day.

IELTS Registration can be done in easy steps:

  • First, you need to visit the official British Council registration page. Create an account with the British Council. Find your nearest test centre.
  • Register for the IELTS test and pay online.
  • Those below 18 years of age need their parent or guardian to book the test for them.
  • Once the IELTS exam registration is complete, your test centre will send a written confirmation to you informing you about the date and time of your IELTS test.
  • Applicants to UK universities need to register separately for ‘IELTS for UKVI’ language test IELTS
Exam Fees

The IELTS fee for registration is Rs. 14,700 from 11th-July-2021.

What are IELTS Cancellation Fees?

If you cancel your IELTS application more than five weeks before the test date, you will receive a refund minus a 25% administrative fee. If you cancel the IELTS exam less than five weeks ahead of the test date, you will receive no refund.

In case you fail to appear for the test, then also you will not receive any refund. This is also considered a cancellation.

Those who can produce a medical certificate within 5 days of the test date can receive a refund after deducting the local administrative cost.

What is IELTS Reschedule Fee?

If you want to change your test date, then you can request a test day transfer at least five weeks before your already booked test date after deducting your cancellation/postponement fee.

Also, make sure the new test date must be within three months of the original test date. Candidates need to pay an administrative charge of INR 3,300 inclusive of all taxes for the transfer of the test date.

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CORONAVIRUS ALERT: IELTS Partners has also launched the IELTS Indicator which is an IELTS online test that students can take from their homes. This is an online English language test for students who are affected by COVID-19 and are not able to go to the IELTS test centre.

IELTS Indicator will assess the student’s English language skills in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Students can take the test online from their homes.

Why IELTS Exam is required?

IELTS 2022 exam is required for migration as well as academic purposes abroad in English-speaking countries like Australia, UK, New Zealand, USA, and Canada. It is the only English Language Test approved by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) for visa applicants applying both outside and inside the UK.

A lot of students get confused about why are the IELTS scores required. The simple answer to this is that foreign universities and visa granting authorities need to be sure that you will not have communication issues while staying in the country.

You need to show a good understanding and strong command of the English language and that is why your overall IELTS band scores are so important.

Another common doubt students have is whether IELTS is a compulsory exam or not. No, IELTS isn’t compulsory in all university admissions. Many universities might not even require IELTS scores for admission purposes.

But remember that if you don’t give IELTS, your chances of getting the student visa might suffer as the visa officers may not be convinced about your English proficiency without an IELTS score. So it is safer to appear for IELTS and aim to score at least 6 bands overall.

You can take the IELTS exam with the IDP up to once a week (four times a month). The British Council and IDP global schedule for test dates are 48 days per year.

With the number of IELTS tests growing to a record of 3.5 million in the year 2018, it has become a leader in the area of international higher education.

It is accepted in 100% of universities in the UK and Australia. Also, it is accepted in more than 11,000 organizations in more than 140 countries. These include institutions in the US and thousands of institutions in English-speaking countries.

Types of IELTS

There are two types of IELTS exams:

  • IELTS Academic
  • IELTS General Training.

The listening and speaking sections are the same for both these tests, however, the subject matter for the writing and reading sections are different depending on which test one takes.

The Reading, Writing, and Listening sections of the IELTS tests are completed on the same day of the test with no breaks between them. However, the Speaking section can be completed either a week before or after the other tests date. This information test can be taken from your test centre.

IELTS Academic Test

IELTS Academic is taken by those who apply for higher education or professional registration abroad.

IELTS General Test

IELTS General Test is taken by those who wish to migrate to major English-speaking countries like Canada, Australia, and the UK. This test is also taken by those who want to enrol in training programs or secondary education or want to gain work experience in a country where English is the main language used for communication.

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IELTS Highlights
  • Exam Name: IELTS
  • IELTS full form: International English Language Testing System
  • Official Website:
  • Most popular for Study, work, and migration to English speaking countries like Australia, New Zealand, and the UK
    • Also accepted by: Canada and USA
  • Conducted by: IDP Education Ltd.
  • Mode of Exam: Computer and Paper – delivered test
  • IELTS Fee: Rs. 14,700 for registrations from 11th- July-2021
  • Score Range: On a scale of 1 (the lowest) to 9 (the highest)
  • IELTS Contact: British Council, 0120-4569000 / 0120-6684353, Mon-Sat 09.00 to 18.00
  • Email:

Often international students are confused between choosing IELTS or TOEFL, as universities abroad ask for either exam score. It is up to you as a test taker to decide which of the two exams to take, but remember that IELTS is more preferred in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, while TOEFL is popular among applicants to universities in US and Canada.

IELTS Eligibility

IELTS can be taken by anyone irrespective of age, gender, race, nationality, or religion, however, the IELTS test is not recommended for those under 16 years of age.

What is the age limit to appear for the IELTS exam?

As such, there is no age limit set by the IELTS administrators (IDP or British Council), however, it is not recommended for candidates below 16 years. Although if they wish, they can also take the test.

What is the educational eligibility to give the IELTS exam?

As such, there are no IELTS eligibility criteria set by the IDP, the conducting body of IELTS. Anyone who wishes to pursue higher studies abroad or wants to work abroad can attempt the IELTS IDP exam (both Academic and General Training).

However, candidates should always check the eligibility criteria set by the educational institution or organization where they are applying.

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IELTS Scholarships

One of the biggest drawbacks of studying abroad is having to pay tuition fees in foreign currency clubbed with high living expenses. Due to such reasons, a lot of times, many sections of students are unable to go abroad and end up settling down for other alternatives.

However, with the availability of various IELTS Scholarships and education loans, students can finally make their dream come true. Scholarships are available on the official website of every college along with other fellowships and grants that are awarded to deserving students on a regular basis. Students can also opt for education loans from financial institutions for studying abroad.

IELTS Exam Dates

The IELTS test is available multiple times throughout the year. Candidates are advised to book an IELTS exam date in 2022 that is most convenient to them, keeping in mind the university admission timeline.

Students looking to appear for the IELTS are advised to choose an exam date 3-4 months before their application deadline, to avoid any last-minute error. The IELTS test is available across various major cities in India.

IELTS Exam Pattern and Syllabus

It is important for candidates looking to score well on their IELTS Test to understand the IELTS Pattern and Syllabus in detail. IELTS Syllabus includes four sections, Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. Students get marked on these four sections and get the IELTS total score as well.

Aspirants show know how to approach each section of the IELTS. The total score is the sum of the scores in the four skill areas. The total test duration is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Here is the IELTS Exam pattern – At a Glance

The IELTS Exam consists of four sections:

  • IELTS Listening section
  • IELTS Reading section
  • IELTS Writing section
  • IELTS Speaking section
How is IELTS Scored?
IELTS Result _ IELTS Exam Registration
IELTS Result
IELTS Result
IELTS Result

IELTS is designed to assess English language skills at all levels. Your total IELTS score will be a combination of the band scores from the four sections.

You will receive IELTS scores based on each of the four skills on a band of 1 – 9, and you will also be awarded an overall band score. You can score whole (example 5.0, 6.0, 7.0) or half (example 5.5, 6.5, 7.5) bands in each part of the test.

You need to have some idea about how the scoring pattern works to better understand how your IELTS score will be calculated.

How to get your IELTS Exam Result?

Once you are done with the IELTS, then comes your wait for the result. The good thing about these exams is that the results are usually declared within a fortnight. In this case, if you have given the computer-based exam, your results will be declared within 3-5 days or within a week.

Offline Mode

For offline or paper-based tests, you will receive your results within 13 calendar days from the day of your exam.

Online Mode

Candidates will receive the results of computer-delivered tests within 3-5 days. On the day of your result, you will receive an intimation from your Test Centre about the results. You can simply log in with your ID, password, passport number, and test date information to view your result. From the time of declaration of result, your results will be available online for the next 28 days

IELTS Band Score

You do not have long to wait for your results as IELTS test results are released within a week (online) or 13 calendar days (offline) after you sit for the test. You will receive an email when your scores are available. You can log into your IELTS account on the IELTS Results IDP website to see your scores.


IELTS has been designed to assess the English language skills of students at all levels. Hence, students can never fail the test. The IELTS score is based on each of the four skills on a scale of 1 – 9, and students would also be awarded an overall band score.

Candidates are reminded that the IELTS cut-off score varies for different colleges and programmes that students are interested in and not all universities and programmes require candidates to qualify for the IELTS exam.

Your overall IELTS band score is important if you intend to apply for university, take up a job or immigrate to an English-speaking country.

Colleges Accepting IELTS

Taking the IELTS exam opens doors to opportunities! More than 11,000 organizations across 140 countries accept IELTS. These include professional organizations, schools, colleges, and universities.

This test will clearly monitor the use of the English language of the aspirant at work, and study, which reflects how the aspirant will manage communication abroad. It is the most popular English language test with more than 3 million IELTS exams taken every year.

  • MS Colleges Accepting IELTS scores
  • MBA Colleges Accepting IELTS scores
  • Countries Accepting IELTS Score

IELTS exam score is accepted in more than 140 countries including UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada. Whether it is for study, work or immigration, you can sit for IELTS and with a good score apply to your favourite country. It is advisable to check the university/country requirements for IELTS before sitting for the exam.

IELTS Preparation

There are two ways to prepare for IELTS: one is self-study and another is attending coaching classes. Which way you will choose depends on your language proficiency and comfort level.

If you are already fluent in English, you need not attend coaching classes, you can prepare for the exam on your own. You just need to figure out when to start preparing for IELTS.

Also, if money is an important consideration, then self-study is a better option. However, remember that in order to study on your own, you need the latest preparation tips dedicated for each section of the IELTS exam.

On the other hand, if you do not have enough time and you need professional supervision for the exam preparation then coaching classes are a good option. Since regularly attending classes will become part of your routine, your time will be better managed.

IELTS Exam day tips

Each exam has its own preparation technique, which also changes the treatment of exam day. Planning your exam day and preparing for strategies to crack the question paper is equally essential as studying for the exam is.

Therefore, it is as important to be exam-day ready as it is to be prepared with its syllabus.

IELTS Sample Papers

While preparing for the exam, you would need to know how far you have reached. Knowing where you stand would help you move further with your preparation. Hence, it is suggested that you keep on taking up the IELTS mock test and IELTS practice test every now and then. It would also help in preparing you for facing and handling the question paper well, without panicking on the day of the exam.

Choose an IELTS centre with minimal commuting time so that you can remain fresh for attempting the exam. With so many locations, it would be easy to find a test centre near your residential place. Remember, you need to book the IELTS centre in advance according to your suitable time.

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Still, have doubts in mind? Read the IELTS FAQs to learn more about the IELTS exam.

What is the full form of the IELTS exam?

The full form of the IELTS exam is the International English Language Testing System. Can I take IELTS online test from home?

Yes, you can take IELTS Indicator, the new IELTS online test introduced by the IELTS administration. You can take this exam online from your home, you just need to have the equipment set up as asked by the IELTS administrator.

Who conducts IELTS?

IELTS test is owned by IDP IELTS Australia (International Development Program) and Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). Earlier, IDP and British Council both conducted IELTS in India, however, now IDP has acquired a 100% stake from British Council and will solely be responsible for administering IELTS in India whether computer-based or paper-based.

How many times is the IELTS exam conducted in a year?

There is no fixed number of times for the IELTS exam to be held. It is conducted several times every year to allow its candidates to choose a date and attempt the test whenever they are ready. In addition to this, there is also no limit as to how many times you can attempt or re-take the exam. You just need to pay the exam re-taking fee and give the exam as many times as you want (given that you have to pay the fees for every attempt).

What is the validity of IELTS?

The IELTS exam score or IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) is valid for two years from the date of the result declaration. Check out more details on IELTS Exam Results and Scores.

Where can I book my IELTS slot?

The slot for the IELTS exam can be booked in two ways, online and in person. Know everything about registering for IELTS 2022. Check out the entire detail on IELTS Slot Booking 2022. Can the IELTS test be rescheduled?

In case you wish to change the date of your IELTS Exam, you can do that and request a transfer up to five weeks before the originally booked test date. However, the availability of the next IELTS test date will be the decision of the test centre and it is subject to availability.

What are the best books for IELTS Exam 2022?

Apart from good command of the English language, you need to have clarity on what to prepare and how to prepare it. Since there is no fixed syllabus like there used to be in schools with specific chapters and grammar sections, you need to know how to score well in every section.

Whether you prepare on your own or you choose a coaching centre to study, you need to have the appropriate study material to get started with. Coaching centres would often help you with the exact kind of books you need to prepare. However, in the case of self-study, you need to look for the study material on your own.

How many IELTS attempts can be given?

There is no limit set by the conducting bodies of IELTS for taking the IELTS exam. You can take the IELTS test as many times as you want until you get your dream/target score. However, you have to pay the IELTS test fee for every attempt.

Which skills test can be taken in one day?

Reading, Writing, and Listening tests can all be taken in one day. The Speaking test can be taken on the same day of the test or the day before or after the test as well. Are we allowed to take a watch or any electronic gadget while giving the IELTS exam?

Candidates are not allowed to take the watch or any other kind of gadget inside the test centre.

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