Fully Funded Scholarships 2022 for International Students

Fully Funded Scholarships 2022 for International Students _ If you want to set track records in your academic pursuit, then going for a scholarship would be our best recommendation.

Don’t look down on yourself, there must be a scholarship that you will be eligible to apply for.

Our Scholarship experts have made a thorough research in order to compile this list. However, this is by no means an exhaustive list, but it does provide an excellent overview of scholarship options.

Are you looking for a fully-funded international scholarship that will transform your life forever? Then let’s get started as all you need to move from where you are to where you want to be is here.

What Is the Meaning of Fully Funded Scholarships?

Fully funded scholarships are defined as “scholarships that at the very least cover full tuition and living expenses.”

If a scholarship achieves those requirements, we consider it completely funded. This is distinct from full-tuition scholarships, which simply cover tuition.

Some fully financed scholarships for overseas students, such as those offered by the government, include perks such as flight tickets and language classes. These will also be included in this article. Keep reading to the bottom.

Is There a Difference Between Full-Ride Scholarships and Fully Funded Scholarships?

No, they’re both referring to the same thing. Full-ride and fully funded scholarships provide full tuition, lodging, and board for undergraduate students and full tuition and a living stipend for Master’s and Ph.D. students.

Full-ride scholarships are more commonly used for undergraduate scholarships, but there is no distinction between the two categories.

Undergraduate Awards, Master’s Scholarships, and Ph.D. Scholarships provide a list of these scholarships organized by degree.

Who is an International Student?

USC defines an international student as anyone who is not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States. American citizens who reside in other countries and attend foreign schools are not considered international students.

How Do International Students Become Eligible for These Fully Funded Scholarships?

Scholarships have different requirements. Most scholarships, however, demand a high score on English proficiency examinations such as TOEFL and IELTS, as well as suitable tests such as SAT/ACT for prospective undergraduate students and GRE for potential graduate students.

They will also need to have outstanding grades and references.

It should be noted that only a small number of overseas students who satisfy these requirements are eligible for these fully-funded scholarships.

Because there are frequently more qualified candidates than seats available, you will need to apply for many scholarships to enhance your chances of receiving a fully-funded scholarship.

Fully Funded Scholarships 2022 for International Students

1. DAAD ScholarshipsVisit Scholarship Page & See Step-by-Step Application Process

DAAD Scholarships are German government-funded scholarships. Because colleges in Germany are already free, this scholarship gives undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. students a monthly living stipend.

Every year, hundreds of students obtain these fully-funded scholarships, so look into it if you want to study in Germany.

2. Chevening Scholarships – Visit Scholarship Page & See Step-by-Step Application Process

Chevening scholarships are fully financed Master’s scholarships granted by the United Kingdom government.

It offers full tuition and a living stipend to scholarship recipients who wish to study at one of the institutions in the United Kingdom.

International students can study at a number of famous universities in the United Kingdom.

3. Turkey Government Scholarships

Turkey Government Scholarships are fully paid scholarships for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students studying in Turkey.

To encourage you to come and study in Turkey, they pay for your tuition, travel, and living expenses.

It’s a fantastic chance for anyone who wants to study in Turkey and immerse themselves in the culture.

4. Korean Government Scholarships

Hundreds of thousands of students are recipients of Korean Government Scholarships, which are fully-funded scholarships provided by the Korean government to outstanding undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students.

Korea is home to prominent universities such as Seoul National University and KAIST, and you may study there for free if you are awarded a Korean Government Scholarship. Take a look at this fantastic chance!

5. MEXT Scholarships

MEXT Scholarships are fully financed scholarships granted by the Japanese government. One of the Japanese government’s primary priorities is to expand the number of overseas students in Japan.

To that end, one of their projects is to grant MEXT scholarships to overseas students so that they can study in Japan.

6. University of Toronto Scholarships

The University of Toronto is Canada’s flagship university and one of the greatest in the world. Lester B. Pearson scholarships are fully funded scholarships that cover full tuition, lodging, and board for overseas undergraduate students.

A year of study at UToronto costs more than 25,000 CAD (14,25,027 INR). There are over 250 scholarships, bursaries, and fellowships offered to new students at the University of Toronto.

The majority of UToronto scholarships are offered based on academic performance at the time of admission to the University of Toronto.

UToronto Bachelor program scholarships are awarded under two categories: Admission Scholarships and In-Course Scholarships.

Bachelor Scholarships at the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto provides 4,000 entrance grants to entering local and foreign students each year.

This includes the Lester B. Pearson Overseas Scholarship Program, the university’s main scholarship program for international students.

The University of Toronto offers only one full-ride scholarship.


  • In high school and in the community, demonstrate a certain level of originality of thinking and inventiveness.
  • Outstanding academic performance and enthusiastic engagement in extracurricular activities.
  • Leadership abilities must be demonstrated.

Procedure for Applying:

  • Get nominated for the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship by your current high school.
  • Complete the admissions application first, followed by the scholarship application.

Every year, around 38 Lester B. Pearson students are chosen and provided cash to pay their tuition, books, travel, and living expenses in Canada.

By the end of next year, the university expects to fund around 150 Pearson Scholars through the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship, which will cover tuition and living expenses for four years.

Aside from this scholarship program, all Indian students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree at the University of Toronto are eligible for additional University of Toronto Scholarships. 

Scholarships at the postgraduate level at UToronto are largely faculty-based and are given based on department nominations or separate applications.

Scholarships are not available to students enrolled in research-based programs. Fellowships or research stipends are awarded to them.

Along with the University of Toronto Scholarships, master’s and doctoral candidates are nominated for scholarships from the governments of Ontario and Canada.

Among these are the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships, and others.

Masters students who are unable to get scholarships to study at UToronto can apply for a Prodigy Finance education loan.

7. Princeton University Scholarships

Many overseas undergraduate students at Princeton University obtain full-ride scholarships that include tuition, lodging, and board.

Last year, these undergraduate scholarships were awarded based on need and averaged $50,139 per student per year. If you are competent (and lucky) enough to get accepted, you will not have to worry about money.

Master’s and Ph.D. students, like those at the other schools mentioned above, get financial aid in the form of assistantships and fellowships.

Eligibility Criteria

Your application to Princeton University must comprise the following elements :

  • Your results from the TOEFL, IELTS Academic, or the PTE Academic Test
  • Your candidate file and the Princeton Supplement
  • Your Princeton Financial Aid Application
  • School Report, Guidance Counselor Letter, and Transcript
  • Teacher Evaluation Form 1
  • Teacher Evaluation Form 2
  • Your results from the SAT and from the Subject Test

8. MIT Fellowships Scholarships

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the world’s finest colleges in STEM areas. MIT provides large scholarships for overseas students, allowing exceptional students who may not have the financial resources to study at one of America’s premier schools.

Tuition & Fees at MIT

To be honest, tuition and fees at MIT are prohibitively costly for both domestic and international students. Undergraduate and graduate tuition at MIT is $49,580 per year. Depending on the graduate program, graduate tuition may be more.

In addition, MIT room and board cost $14,210 per year, which is added to the tuition. The majority of students cannot afford the high Mit tuition, room, and board.

MIT scholarships, on the other hand, are among the greatest in the world. MIT Scholarships can pay the whole cost of tuition, allowing overseas students from low-income countries to attend this famous university.

What is MIT’s area of expertise?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides degree programs in a variety of fields, with a goal that emphasizes science and technology.

According to MIT registrar statistics for autumn 2016, the School of Engineering is by far the largest school in the university.

9. Duke University Scholarships

Duke Institution is a prestigious private university in North Carolina, USA. Duke University pays the whole cost of attendance for undergraduate students and offers fully supported scholarships in the form of assistantships and fellowships to Masters’s and Ph.D. students. Check out this fantastic institution in the United States!

What Duke’s Scholarships Covers

International students can apply for full-ride Duke University scholarships that include tuition, accommodation and board, and books. Every year, roughly 20-25 overseas students have their whole tuition paid for through scholarships.

How to Make an Application for this Scholarship

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must apply to Duke before the admissions deadline and be a resident of North Carolina or South Carolina.

All students who satisfy these requirements will be considered automatically for this award. Students who have been chosen will be informed in March.

All students who apply for and are admitted to Duke University’s undergraduate program are automatically eligible for a merit scholarship. Both domestic and international students can apply for merit scholarships.

10. Agnes Scott College Marvin B. Perry Presidential Scholarships

Agness Scott College provides Marvin B. Perry Presidential Scholarships, which are full-ride scholarships that pay full tuition, lodging, and board for up to four years.

This scholarship has a total value of roughly $230,000 and is offered to both domestic and foreign students.

Awarded to top prospective students, you must be an exceptional student to be considered for this prize.

11. Hendrix College Hays Memorial Scholarship

Hays Memorial Scholarships are awarded to four entering students at Hendrix College each year. This scholarship provides complete tuition, housing, and board for four years and is worth more than $200,000.

To be eligible, you must apply by the November 15 deadline, have at least a 3.6 GPA, and an ACT and SAT score of 32 and 1430, respectively.

12. Barry University Stamp Scholarships

Barry University’s Stamp Scholarships are fully funded scholarships that include tuition, lodging and board, books, and transportation for four years, as well as a $6,000 stipend to cover educational-related expenses such as internships or study abroad.

There are more requirements for this award, so make sure you read the details on the scholarship website!

10. Stanford University Scholarships – Visit Scholarship Page & See Step-by-Step Application Process

Stanford University is a world-class research institution in the United States. Because of their enormous endowment and research support, they provide considerable quantities of money to both undergraduate and graduate students, so check out their scholarship website!

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